Medication Delivery Systems

ICP offers multiple dispensing options to meet the needs of your facility:

  • Punch cards/Blister packs
  • Unit dose packaging
  • Multi-dose packaging
  • Automated In-house Dispensing Units (InSite)

Emergency Medication

ICP knows how important it is to receive emergency medication in a timely fashion and we do everything to accomplish this.

  • Customized emergency 24-hour exchange box
  • Automated Medication Supply System (Omnicell)
  • 24-hour backup pharmacy service

IV Therapy

ICP’s infusion therapy program provides all the necessary components for your staff to successfully initiate and administer IV therapy

  • Baxter Sigma IV pumps
  • TPN therapy
  • Pain therapy
  • Contingency supply of IV medications and fluids specific to the facility requirements
  • IV Supplies Contingency boxes contain all the necessary components for starting an IV; primary and secondary tubing, start kits, catheters, extension sets, etc.
  • Policy & Procedures in accordance with INS standards.
  • Venous Access Assistance
  • IV education by qualified Registered Nurses as requested.
  • Informational materials on a variety of topics, including TPN, which may be requested for staff training purposes.


ICP has invested in technology to increase productivity, maintain cost control and increase customer service.

  • Electronic Document Imaging
  • Automated Packaging Systems
  • E-Prescribing
  • Cloud Storage

Medical Records

ICP has the capability to interface with many electronic medical record software vendors.

  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Treatment Administration Records (TAR)
  • Physician’s Orders
  • Customized Forms and Reports

Electronic Medical Records

ICP has the capability to interface with many electronic medical record software vendors. Interfacing allows the electronic medication administration records at the facility to be linked to the pharmacy software making medication administration more accurate and efficient. The nurses are also able to reorder medications promptly so the resident always has their medication.

ICP Link

Applications and Service available through ICP Link.

  • Web based application
  • Real time pharmacy information
  • Order Status
  • Review unbilled charges
  • Review monthly invoices
  • Customized Reporting
  • ICP Link (Ohio)
  • ICP Link (PA)