Pharmacy Consultant

ICP’s Consultant Pharmacists excel in their knowledge and skills regarding geriatric pharmacotherapy and the unique medication-related needs of seniors and long-term care residents.

  • Monthly Medication Review
  • Quarterly Pharmacist Report
  • Attendance at QAPI Meetings
  • Medication Use Evaluations
  • Drug Reference Manuals

Medication Reconciliation Program

ICP offers our medication reconciliation program through our consultant pharmacist staff.

Upon admission, the facility notifies their consultant pharmacist, who will complete the review by comparing the hospital discharge medication list and home medication list with the orders entered into the electronic health record.

This reconciliation is performed to avoid medication errors such as omissions, duplications, dosing errors, or drug interactions. Click here for more information

Consultant Technician

Learn more about our consultant technician services.

  • Check the emergency medication supply
  • Monthly inspection of the medication storage areas and the medication carts
  • Submit a written report and recommendations for each review of medication storage

Nurse Consultant

Our mission is to provide the best possible resident care and safety through quality services and nursing education. ICP’s nurse consultants are available to assist your facility staff in meeting the needs of their residents.

  • Clinical Liaison
  • Medication Pass Audits
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • In-service Education