Services & Products

ICP is recognizable as a statewide provider of quality, cost-effective pharmacy products and services to the long-term care industry.

Consulting Services

ICP’s Consulting Services were created to provide an independent source of education and consultation for the most challenging dimensions of caregiving for long-term care organizations, developmentally disabled, assisted living, and correctional facilities.

Medical Supplies & Equipment

ICP’s Medical Supply Division provides your facility with quality products and services at a cost-effective price. We offer a full range of patient care and nursing supplies for all your resident’s needs.

Pharmacy Services

ICP has maintained a progressive approach to long-term care, assisted living, ICF/ID facilities and other alternative care sites. This progression has made ICP recognizable as a premier provider of quality cost-effective pharmacy products and services.

Respiratory Services

ICP is a complete respiratory provider offering respiratory therapists, supplies, equipment, oxygen, and high acuity/ventilator management. To ensure the highest quality of patient care, we offer customized packages that include traditional respiratory care with a focus on nursing education and competency assessments. Our program also offers competitive pricing for respiratory supplies, equipment and oxygen. With clinical expertise, ICP is the solution to your respiratory needs.