Pharmacy Services

ICP has maintained a progressive approach to long-term care, assisted living, ICF/DD facilities and other alternative care sites. This progression has made ICP recognizable as a premier provider of quality cost-effective pharmacy products and services.

Medication Delivery Systems

Medications are pre-packaged in unit of use for each resident, on a medication delivery cart customized to meet your facility’s needs and reduce nursing time spent handling medications. 

Emergency Medication

We recognize how important it is to receive emergency medications in a timely fashion and we will do everything to accomplish this.
Our unique exchange box system allows each facility to customize the medication available in STAT situations; i.e. antibiotics, pain medication, etc. This system expedites medication delivery to the resident by providing on-site availability.

Medical Records

ICP will maintain extensive patient profiles and provide pre-printed medical records that are selected by the facility for each resident receiving medication. This includes, but are not limited to physicians orders, medication administration records (MAR), Treatment administration records (TAR), activities of daily living, pain flow record and psychotropic behavior monitoring form. Our medical records are customized in conjunction with our customers to meet their specific needs.

Electronic Medical Records

ICP has the capability to interface with many electronic medical record software vendors. We support ADT interfaces using HL7 standards and prescription order interfaces using NCPDP’s Script 10.6 Standard.
Contact ICP’s Sales or IT Staff for more information.


Reports are available to our customers in a myriad of options. Custom reports, standard reports such as antibiotic utilization, anticoagulant, controlled drug usage, antipsychotic and lab listing are just a few. Custom reports can be generated from information obtained on the Physician Order Sheet.


FrameworkLink answers the need for an efficient communication channel between the facility and the pharmacy. From a web-based application the facility has access to secure, up-to-date pharmacy information which allows functions such as, checking the status of an order, entering reorder requests, printing medical records or therapeutic drug reports, and viewing unbilled charges or past invoices.

Skilled Resident Support

ICP is creative in providing our customers the best possible price while staying within government mandated pricing structures. We also analyze the competitive landscape and map out a long term strategy that takes into consideration the extensive budgets cuts our customers are experiencing in order for both parties to be successful and profitable. A variety of pricing structures are available to meet the individual needs your facility.


Our Transition Pledge
When you choose ICP as your pharmacy provider, we pledge to assist in making the switch seamless. Our team consists of pharmacists, technicians consulting specialists, customer service and sales representatives. We work intensively prior to the conversion to assure a flawless transition covering all aspects of your care-giving. This includes a thorough audit of your needs and processes, ensuring there is no disruption of service to the individuals in your care.