Consulting Services

ICP's Consulting Services were created to provide an independent source of education and consultation for the most challenging dimensions of caregiving for long-term care organizations, developmentally disabled, assisted living, and correctional facilities.

Pharmacy Consulting

Our highly skilled, experienced and credentialed consultants offer hands-on education and training programs designed to improve the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of your caregiving and  administrative operations.

Our Consulting Pharmacists devote consulting hours to our customers that are far above industry standards. Our consulting efforts are clinically based rather than formulary based, which directly impacts the residents' quality of life.  We ensure the residents' medications are appropriate, effective, and the safest possible by reviewing inappropriate medications in the elderly, duplications of therapy, and possible drug interactions. Pharmacists work closely with physicians to identify, resolve, and prevent medication related problems that may interfere with goals of therapy.

A Pharmacy Technician will visit your facility each month to perform a medication room and cart inspection.

Nurse Consulting

Our mission is to provide the best possible resident care and safety through quality services and nursing education. ICP’s nurse consultants are available to assist your facility staff in meeting the needs of their residents.

Each customer is unique in the type of residents residing in their facility, the skill levels of their staff and their own philosophy and mission. We consult with our customers and construct facility specific programming. ICP is a firm believer of individualization; we do not offer pre-packaged consultation. Nurse consultants perform a process review and revision is suggested with periodic follow-up consultations.

In-service education

In-service education consists of planned instruction or training programs to assist with staff training in the work setting. Programs are designed to maintain or increase competency, promote compliance with institutional policies and procedures, demonstrate new equipment, explain procedures, and practice previously learned skills.

Med Pass Observation

Med Pass Observations are available to our pharmacy customers on a quarterly basis. The nurse consultant will follow the state survey model for medication administration. This is a reciprocal learning experience. The nurse being observed will learn about lapses in techniques and the observer can identify problems encountered during the med pass and assist the DON with tracking and trending for quality assurance.