Billing Services

By anticipating the needs of your residents and staff, ICP helps your business run smoother and more efficiently, while saving time and money. You can provide more care for more residents because we assist in maximizing cash flow and minimizing costly paperwork errors. We can deliver price quotes upon request prior to admission or through FacilityLink. Our attention to detail extends to the complex reimbursement issues of Medicare Part D and Part B claims. Claims are submitted electronically expediting denial claims and formulary interventions when required.

Medicare Part B Billing Program

ICP tailors Medicare Part B billing programs to fit each facility’s individual needs. Your facility can choose to be a Medicare provider and ICP will submit claims for a fee for service basis. Or, ICP can do assignment billing.


Medicare Part D

ICP makes every effort to supply medications that are included in the Medicare Part D plan formulary. At the facility request ICP will evaluate any new or existing resident enrolled in a plan with regard to Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans and recommend the most appropriate plans, according to the resident’s medication profile.
Upon admission a resident’s Medicare Part D status is unknown. ICP can assist with an Electronic Information Inquiry to CMS to verify eligibility and ascertain any existing Medicare Part D coverage.
ICP meets all “Performance and Service Criteria for Network LTC Pharmacies” as outlined in the March 16, 2005 guidance published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Prior Authorization Assistance

ICP’s nurse consultants are actively involved in obtaining prior authorizations from Medicaid, Medicaid Part D plans, and private insurance. This assistance frees up valuable nursing time and expedites the reimbursement process.