January/February 2012 Issue


  • Future EHR users
  • Yielding Concerns on Yaz
  • Simple Wound Care Time Saving Tips
  • Defend Against Fraud
  • Bedtime Dosing of Blood Pressure Medications

Future EHR users

Announced on December 15, 2011 for the first time in Ohio, a hospital is "live" on the statewide health information exchange (HIE)-CliniSync. Clinical patient data is moving from St Rita's Medical Center in Lima to Health Partners of Western Ohio, a federally qualified health center, right into the physicians' electronic health records (EHR) system. Read More

Yeilding Concerns on Yaz

If you’ve watched television lately you’ve likely seen the legal commercials regarding Yasmin, Yaz, or Beyaz in relation to blood clots. In order to decipher the information about the above mentioned  medications you must first understand what these drugs are. Read More

Simple Wound Care Time Saving Tips

Many nurses who are performing the care of wounds are spending too much time. Good wound care does take some time. We should be better prepared and I hope to guide you to save some time in caring for the wounds you manage. Read More

Defend Against Fraud

To guard your personal information, here are 8 simple tips to follow. Read More

Bedtime Dosing of Blood Pressure Medications

There is new evidence that suggests that giving at least one blood pressure medication at bedtime improves BP control and therefore decreases cardiovascular events in some patients. Read More