Continuing Education Webinars

As nurses, we are always on the lookout for continuing education classes to maintain and improve our practice. ICP is pleased and proud to present the following webinars:
Identifying Skin & Soft Tissue Infections - 8/15/2018
Presented by: Karen Brown, BSN RN CWS FACCWS
  • Identify McGeer surveillance criteria for skin, soft tissue and wound infections.
  • Identify best practice for prevention and isolation guidelines of skin, soft tissue and wound infections.
Wound infections, pressure ulcers, cellulitis, scabies and herpes can be challenging to identify and treat. This program discusses skin and soft tissue issues in compliance with F684 (Quality of Care), F686 (Treatment & Services to prevent/heal pressure ulcers) and F880 (Infection Prevention & Control).

The GI Bug: Focus on C. Diff - 10/11/2018
Presented by: Karen Brown, BSN RN CWS FACCWS
  • Identify risk factors for Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and use McGeer surveillance criteria for gastrointestinal (GI) infections.
  • Identify and discuss CDI LTC isolation guidelines, including lab tests and disinfecting agents.
Gastroenteritis may be caused by numerous microorganisms. This program focuses on the identification, prevention, precautions and treatment of C. Difficile infection based on 2017 CMS updates.

Types and Treatments of Urinary Tract Infections - 12/5/2018
Presented by: Josephine Notter, RN WCC
  • Describe different types of UTI including bacteremia, catheter associated UTI's and UTI's without a catheter.
  • Discuss prevention and treatment of UTI's
UTIs are one of the most common infections in LTC. This program discusses methods to define asymptomatic bacteriuria vs. treatable UTI. Criteria for catheter surveillance, specimen collection and handling will be discussed using McGeer criteria and decision trees.

Application has been made for continuing education credit for nurses through NORTHWEST STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Division of Nursing, OBN Approver Unit (OBN-008-92). Please contact Mary Burkart, RN at 800-228-8278 ext. 132 for additional information on CE credit.

Disclosure: The faculty and planning committee disclose they are employees of a commercial entity; they agree to present a fair and unbiased program. All programs are sponsored by ICP, Inc.; sponsorship does not imply endorsement of any product or entity.
RSVP one week prior to webinar by calling 1-800-228-8278 Ext. 132.  You may have as many participants at your location as can be accommodated on a speaker phone and computer screen for one low fee of $50.00 per link!  A computer link will be sent to the email on file for the DON with instructions for joining the webinar.
Contact Mary Burkart, RN for information regarding continuing education credit.
All programs are offered at 1 pm on the given dates.

For more information, call Mary Burkart, RN, Nurse Coordinator at 1-800-228-8278 ext. 132 or email

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