Nurses ranked most trustworthy profession

As seen in the Consultant Connection March 2016 Issue
Nurses have been voted the most honest and ethical profession for the 14th year straight in a December 2015 Gallup poll, earning 17 percentage points above any other profession.
The Gallup poll asks the question: “Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields — very high, high, average, low or very low?” Of those surveyed, 85% rated nurses very high or high. Only 1% of respondents rated nurses as low or very low.
The annual survey has been performed since 1990 and is intended to gauge public trust in various professions. Each time since nurses were added in 1999, they have topped the list - except for in 2011, when firefighters claimed the top spot post-9/11.
Pharmacists and medical doctors finished second and third in the rankings. Lobbyists, members of Congress, telemarketers, and car salespeople scored the lowest out of the 21 professions ranked. 

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