ICP Educators Speak at OHCA Convention

Tue., April 28th 10:00- 11:30
T22: F 314: Soar to New Heights with Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Erin McClure, BSN, RN, WCC
Whisk into this session to explore F-314: Pressure Ulcer Prevention.  F-314 was present on the Immediate Jeopardy list in Ohio for the first quarter of 2014, which hasn’t been seen since 2010. Soar to new heights by being innovative, keeping updated with standards of practice in addition to having an interdisciplinary arsenal of knowledge regarding pressure ulcer prevention. Attending this session will enhance learning on how to prevent, identify, and manage pressure ulcers ensuring that clinical and MDS 3.0 Section M documentation illustrate unique characteristics, in addition to preventing a citation of F-314, ascending to the highest quality of care.

Wed., April 29th 2:30 - 5:30
W29: Don’t Let IJ’s Stop You from Soaring - Half Day Workshop
Mary Burkart, RN
Erin McClure, BSN, RN, WCC
Take flight into this 3 hour educational session focusing on survey preparedness. Plummet into the depths of Ohio’s top IJ citations and causative factors. Ascend into preventative strategies, enabling your care community to soar to new heights!
Ohio’s Immediate Jeopardy list continues to contain repeat citations, including; CPR, Abuse-Neglect, accidents, etc... The impact of these citations can be detrimental to a care community’s reputation and bottom line. As consultants and frequent OHCA speakers, the dynamic duo (Mary and Erin), offer an outside perspective focusing on interdisciplinary education and communication. This interactive presentation will help care communities soar!

Thu., April 30th 10:30-11:30
R19: Are Your HAI’s Soaring Out of Control?
Mary Burkart, RN
Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are rampant across the spectrum! Patients are getting sicker with more resistant microbes, and CMS is denying payment for certain infections. Do you know what your infection rates are? Do you know how to prevent the spread of common infections? If so, why are these numbers climbing?! 
Join us for a look at commonly seen infections, how they are spread, & QAPI measures for an eye-opening look at the financial & psychosocial costs associated with these mostly preventable infections.

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