Future devices for U-500 insulin

As seen in the Consultant Connection November 2014 Issue
NurseAdviseERR July 2014
A Lilly representative confirmed that two projects are underway in an effort to meet the needs of patients using U-500 insulin. Lilly is working to develop a prefilled pen designed to deliver HUMULIN R U-500 (insulin regular), and the company is also working with a development partner on the design of a dedicated U-500 insulin syringe. These dedicated devices, if approved, will allow administration of HumuLIN R U-500 in actual units without dose conversion to non-dedicated syringe markings (unit markings with a U-100 insulin syringe or volume [mL] markings with a volumetric syringe). Due to the complexity and risks inherent in device development and regulatory review, the company is unable to speculate on the timing of availability of these devices. Until then, HumuLIN R U-500 must be administered using a U-100 insulin syringe or a volumetric (tuberculin or allergy) syringe.

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