FDA Alert Confusion Between Brintellix - Brilinta


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting the public that they have received more than 50 reports of confusion between the antidepressant Brintellix (vortioxetine) and anti-blood clotting medication Brilinta (ticagrelor) which have resulted in the wrong medication being prescribed or dispensed. FDA determined that the main reason for the confusion between these two medications is the similarity of their brand names. None of the reports indicates that a patient ingested the wrong medication; however, reports of prescribing and dispensing errors continue.

FDA is recommending that health care professionals include the generic name of the medication (in addition to the brand name), the indication for use, the correct medication dose and directions for use when prescribing and dispensing these medications. Ensure that patients understand why they are being prescribed either medication, check their medication carefully and read the medication guide that accompanies each prescription.

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