Defend Against Fraud

As seen in Consultant Connection January 2012 Issue
Martha Somers, Administrator of IT

To guard your personal information, here are 8 simple tips to follow.

1. Immediately report lost or stolen cards to your credit card company.
2. Cover the ATM PIN pad when entering your number.
3. Choose a credit and debit card PIN number that is difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember.
4. Do not reply to any email, text or phone requests for your social security number, credit or debit account number or any other personal information.
5. Monitor your credit report, credit and debit card accounts and statements for unauthorized transactions.
6. Shred all credit and debit card statements or financial documents before you throw them away.
7. Before making purchases online with your credit or debit card, make sure the website is secure and the company is reputable.
8. Update anti-virus and spyware software regularly.

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